Fauna CDN Partner Program

The Fauna CDN program is a simple and cost-effective solution designed to run on existing infrastructure. We enable the CDN to become an edge-computing platform that is able to maintain state at the edge. You’ll have full control of the database since it’s co-located within your PoPs.

  • Add state to edge functions, containers, and microservice
  • Generate a new revenue stream
  • Multi-tenant and highly scalable architecture
  • Simple, cost-effective licensing and options to bill through

We're excited to be part of your success. Come join us!

The Database for CDNs

Fauna, the leader in distributed database has developed its software to support the heavy demands of the CDN workload. FaunaDB is strongly consistent, highly-scalable, and multi-tenant, developer-friendly, and cloud-agnostic making it is an ideal fit for CDN architectures.

Cost Effective Licensing
Our per-node license model caps your annual cost. Create your own pricing model for downstream customers.
High ROI
The rate of return and return on investment is significant. Our team will provide you with a detailed ROI on your investment.
Our per-node license model caps your annual cost. Create your own pricing model for downstream customers.
Add State
Add state to edge functions, serverless, containers, and microservices within your own global infrastructure.
Gaming and eCommerce
Every CDN has gaming and eCommerce customers that require state. Target these customers with your new product.
Product Portfolio
Add a database product to your product portfolio and offer it alongside your edge functions and containers.

Bring Edge Functions and Containers to Life

Edge functions with support for  containers, VM’s, and microservices are the latest products being introduced by CDNs. We agree they’re game changers, in that they will enable CDNs to compete against the cloud giants.

FaunaDB will round out your product portfolio. Why develop a distributed database that’ll cost millions and take years to develop when you can simply deploy FaunaDB quickly at a much lower cost.

Build vs Buy

CDNs are known for being innovators. How else would they survive in a world dominated by the cloud giants? As innovators, CDNs tend to build everything in-house, from caching systems to load balancers to managed DNS, and so on.

However, the “build vs buy” decision for a distributed database is something entirely different. To build it, it would take a considerable amount of time and resources. With FaunaDB, you can be up and running quickly and start offering customers a world’s best distributed database service.