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Topic: Spanner vs. Calvin - Comparing consensus protocols in strongly consistent database systems

Speaker: Daniel Abadi, Darnell-Kanal Professor of Computer Science,  University of Maryland

Recording Date: Wednesday, October 31 | 11am pacific/ 2pm eastern

On September 21, Daniel Abadi wrote a controversial blog post entitled "NewSQL database systems are failing to guarantee consistency, and I blame Spanner" that received hundreds of comments and much debate on HackerNews and the post itself. In this webinar, Daniel Abadi will go into deeper technical detail on the two major approaches to guaranteeing consistency in geo-replicated database systems. 

Who Should Watch?

This webinar is meant for a technical audience such as architects, developers, familiar with distributed systems and database design.

About Daniel Abadi

Daniel Abadi
Prof. Daniel Abadi
Darnell-Kanal Professor of Computer Science
University of Maryland
Prof. Daniel Abadi is doing research primarily in database system architecture and implementation. He received a Ph.D. from MIT and a M.Phil. from Cambridge. He is best known for his research in column-store database systems (the C-Store project, which was commercialized by Vertica), high performance transactional systems (the H-Store project, which was commercialized by VoltDB and the Calvin project which inspired FaunaDB), and Hadoop (the HadoopDB project, which was commercialized by Hadapt). A recipient of many prestigious awards, he blogs at http://dbmsmusings.blogspot.com and tweets at @daniel_abadi.